At Nathalia Primary School we have a strong commitment to providing high quality teaching and learning experiences in Literacy.

We offer direct teaching in all areas of reading and writing, and provide additional one-to-one support for students who require additional support. 


The Literacy program at Nathalia Primary School follows John Hattie's 'Direct Instructional Model', developing students' thinking, speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.


Explicit Literacy teaching and learning occurs on a daily basis in the first two hours of each day.


Literacy lessons begin with a whole-class focus, with specific learning intentions and aims and then transitions to individualised and small group instruction.


Children may then work in teaching groups, rotational groups or work independently.


Lessons conclude with the sharing of the children's learning, discussion of learning outcomes and strategies for success and to celebrate achievements.


Our staff are committed to regularly attending Professional Development and the continued improvement of teaching methods by attending conferences, training sessions, and by visiting other schools to observe best practice and making time to visit each others classrooms to provide constructive comment on their practice.



Regular home reading is expected at all levels of the school with parents playing a vital role in laying the foundations for learning to read. Home reading gives children the opportunity to practise and demonstrate their reading skills to others. The selections of appropriate material for this purpose is vital.