The Arts


Visual Arts

All grades are timetabled for a one hour Visual Arts session each week. The program encourages self-expression, creativity and fosters skill development. The children explore the art elements of line, shape, colour, value, form, texture and space. They experience a variety of materials, techniques and processes and reflect on their own artwork and that of others. 

Performing Arts (Music)

Music is taught as specialist subject by Mrs Karen King-Jones. Music is a subject all our students love at Nathalia Primary. Just one quick walk through the school and you'll see and hear the enjoyment we get from the arts. Our students enjoy one hour of music each week. 


Music Tuition

In addition, Nathalia Primary School offers individual tuition for interested students in guitar, drums or vocals. 


School Choir

We have a school choir that performs at many local events and celebrations in and around the Nathalia community.