School Council

We have a dynamic and passionate group of parent and staff school councilors who are committed to developing the feeling of community within our school. This proactive approach has seen  council direct its focus for the year around beautifying our school grounds.  Policy reviews and updates will also be a major focus this year. Policies needing review include: Student engagement, uniform, and ICT. Investigating ways of improving communication between home and school was also identified as an area that school council needed to look into. 

School council representatives join for various reasons, but all unanimously want the best outcomes for our children, and want to contribute to shaping the vision and direction of the school. A sense of responsibility was my reason for joining school council in 2011; little did I know that this would see me assume the role of President in 2012. Being actively involved in the life of the school (even if this is for the most part only at monthly meetings unfortunately), is a great way to take an interest in my children's education.  



Jane Hando - School Council President




Objectives, functions and powers of school councils

The Education and Training Reform Act 2006 defines the objectives and functions of school councils:


A school council’s objectives are to:

• assist in the efficient governance of the school

• ensure that its decisions affecting students of the school are made having regard,

as a primary consideration, to the best interests of the students

• enhance the educational opportunities of the students of the school

• ensure the school and the council comply with any requirements of this Act, the

regulations, a Ministerial Order or a direction, guideline or policy issued under

this Act.


A school council’s functions include:

• establishing the broad direction and vision of the school

• developing, reviewing and updating the policies of the school

• arranging for the supply of goods, services, facilities, materials and equipment

that are required for the conduct of the school, including the provision of

preschool programs

• raising funds for school related purposes

• regulating and facilitating the after-hours use of school premises and grounds

• exercising a general oversight of the buildings and grounds and ensuring that

they are kept in good order and condition

• providing for cleaning and sanitary services necessary for the school

• providing meals and refreshments for staff and students and charging for this

• ensuring all money coming into the hands of the council is properly expended for

purposes related to the school

• informing itself of, and taking into account, any views of the school community for

the purpose of making decisions in regard to the school and its students

• ensuring that an annual report relating to financial activities and the school’s

strategic plan is published and made available to the school community

• stimulating interest in the school in the wider community