Vegetable Garden

The vegetable garden produces crops year-round and is tended to by interested students. 


We have a large oval with football goals and plenty of spacious grass area for children to play on. 


The shaded playground has a very popular sandpit and a variety of obstacles and climbing options for younger children. 


The court area has lines for netball, basketball and other ball sports. The area is also lined with for range of other games. We have newly installed basktaball and netball rings. 

Early Years Building

This building is where our early years classes are located. It includes an open project space and offices for learning intervention. This is where we have school assembly each week.


The classrooms at Nathalia Primary School have all been recently refurbished and include new technology and furniture. 


We have a well stocked library where all students can access and borrow books. 


The office is located in the historical building near the front entrance to the school grounds. Please visit here to sign-in during school hours or to speak with office staff or the principal. 

Play Room

The playroom has a wide range of imaginative and constructive activities for early years development.

Art Room

The art room is a dedicates space to paint, create, sing and dance to express our creativity.

Science Room

The science room is a place to experiement and explore and investigate the world around us.


We have a well-stocked kitchen with cooking facilities for small group and classroom use.