Student Support

Hello, I'm Cath Hughes.

My role is to help. I support students' social and emotional needs, provide support to teachers with strategies for behavioural issues and additional needs, liase with allied health therapists on behalf of the school, and be a resource for the whole school community with student welfare and wellbeing issues that may arise. 

Your child may interact with me in the classroom, in small groups or one on one in my office or a relevant space in the school. I am here to support with:

  • assisting students to recognise and change unhelpful behaviours
  • working with children to identify and understand their thoughts and feelings
  • helping with strategies to deal with difficult, challenging or uncomfortable time
  • being a safe support person for children to talk freely with

My role is also to assist parents and guardians with their child{ren} both at school and at home, and I welcome you to make contact if their is anything I can support you with. It would be great to collaborate with any therapist your child sees outside school, to enrich their learning engagement, emotional wellbeing and social experience at school; better outcomes for children occur when everyone is on the same page. 

I hope you feel welcome to connect with me.

Best regards,
Cath Hughes
Welfare and Wellbeing Officer